Exotic Skins

ALLIGATOR Wild, from Florida...

This is genuine Florida Alligator - Alligator Mississippiensis species


Why choose Wild Florida Alligator?

  • They have grown at their natural rate, without chemicals.
  • Farm raised alligators are given chemicals and are forced to grow fast so they can be harvested sooner.
  • Alligator meat from farms contains all of the growth hormones and other chemicals, and is shunned by gormet cooks.
  • The leather  from wild alligators has more tensile strength - because of the normal rate of growth. 
  • Products made out of wild alligator leather are much more durable than the leather from farm raised alligators.
  • Custom leather workers prefer to work with wild alligator.
  • Wild alligator hunters find ways to use almost all parts of the alligator, from the gormet meat to the teeth and even the feet - They make amazing back scratchers!  
  • Wild alligator hunters work in partnership with conservation, in preserving the natural habitat of alligators and other Florida wild life.



Stingray from Thailand


Stingray leather is known for its beautiful, luminous "mother-of-pearl" area or sometimes called "star",  and also for its hardy durability.  Stingrays are fished for food and the pelts are a by-product.   The species, Dasyatis Uarnak, is a non-endangered species, fished off the coast of Thailand.  The stingray pelt has its own unique surface of hard, grainy pebbles, while the underside is soft, like regular leather.  Stingray  products are very easy to care for - simply wipe with a damp cloth!



Shark Skin

Our shark skin is imported from Mexico. It has its own unique texture of "wrinkles". It's a very tough, durable leather. SHARK is fished for food and the skin is a by-product.