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The satisfaction of our clients is the way we meassure our succeess; therefore, we take huge proud on our products and customer service. See what they have to say in our review page.
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We are licensed, permitted and bonded by all applicable State and Federal Departments and Agencies, including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 



We are . . . . ALLIGATOR JAKE'S, Inc. - AND Ostrich Market 

We're an American company, located in Melbourne, Florida -

near Kennedy Space Center.


ALLIGATOR JAKE'S Online Store has emerged following many requests from people who have visited our sister company's website, looking for custom made exotic leather products. 

OSTRICH MARKET provides the exotic leathers directly to the leather crafters who make ALLIGATOR JAKE'S one-of-a-kind specialty items.

We Help American Alligators!

By providing value to its habitat and making sure the American alligator remains as a sustainable resource to the world conservation programs and agencies that manage them in the USA.

Alligator meat is sold to fine restaurants, and the by-product, the hides are turned into beautiful and luxurious leather products, whilte the remaining portions of the harvest are used for many varied products in the pet, health and cosmetic trades. Nothing goes to waste.

The consumer is the success behind alligator conservation. By buying alligator products, revenues are generated for habitat protection and state wildlife programs. Every alligator harvested generates fees for state wildlife management agencies and habitat conservation activities. Alligator Jake's is proud to be a part of this successful cycle of protection that has become a model world conservation programs around the globe. 

Alligator Jakes Preserves and Protects

Thanks to the hard work of the Alligator Jakes family and a score of alligator trappers, anyone can enjoy extraordinary products made from the most desirable, long-wearing, luxurious leather in the world.

Alligator Jake's & Ostrich-Alligator Market are helping to preserve an American way of life that has existed for more than a century. And even the alligator is benefiting, as Alligator Jake's works in cooperation with scientist and government officials to protect and conserve these creatures as a renewable resource. Fees paid by Ostrich-Alligator Market, trappers and farmers fund the state-regulated alligator conservation program, and the success of the program provides an incentive for landowners to preserve the creature's natural habitat, which benefits other wildlife as well. Thanks to the joint effort of these groups, the American alligator, once on the threatened list, has made a strong comeback and is now more abundant than when Alligator Jake landed his first gator.


OSTRICH MARKET, INC., our sister company began selling exclusively ostrich skin, but then quickly expanded to include alligator (we're in Florida!!!), stingray and a variety of other exotic leathers.  We especially enjoy our friendships with the many leather crafters who make beautiful and unique items from our exotics skins.  

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